"Dealing with five surgeries, I have 2 plates, 19 screws, and a skin graft on my ankle after falling from a ladder. Part of the skin graft didn’t heal right. As I started physical therapy, my therapist took one look at my wound and knew that it needed to be dealt with. It was he who sent me to Elite Therapy. The doctors wanted me back for another skin graft. Not wanting to go back for more surgery, I stuck with Elite Therapy and I’m glad I did. I truly believe they saved me from losing my leg. There are no words to express my gratitude! He treats you like family! Thank you Greg."

"I developed a wound in the very center of my left hand (2 years ago) that impacted my daily life in every way. I recently contacted ETI for a long distance consult. I was given great advice and direction via email from Greg, Andrea and the entire staff. Day by day it improved, and now it is completely healed. I am back to my normal daily activities without any problems. I am so very thankful for the wonderful support and treatment the fine folks at ETI provided!"
- C.G.
"ETI does an excellent job with all patients I refer to them. They heal wounds with great skill and care."
- Dr. Jodi Ritsch, M.D.
A very special thank you to ETI - wound care specialists in Rice Lake!!! I arrived there in April this year with a severe belly wound left from a January surgery that simply would not close up. They meticulously and carefully
worked with it three times a week for 14 weeks and I can say “Bravo”! They were patient and so caring. Thank you to Greg Eck, Charles Williams, Tina and all involved. I am healed. Anyone any age that has an unhealing or severe wound of any kind - go to them. :) They are the best!!!
- J.B.
"After being misdiagnosed for 4 months, I briefly went in to Greg, it took 1 second and he knew instantly what my wound was and started immediate care! I am forever grateful for Greg's dedication to his patients! As that said, Renee was extremely helpful with insurance companies-she would go to the end with results. Andrea was constantly cheerful and used encouraging words to her patients. Many thanks to the whole staff at ETI for having the courage, hard work and showing the right treatment to heal."
- K.M.
"I have worked with Greg for many years and am very comfortable referring my patients to ETI for wound care. He always sees my patients in a timely manner with exceptional care and compassion. He provides excellent wound care and follow up to ensure the patient achieves the best result possible. He provides prompt communication back to me so we can effectively collaborate on the best course of treatment for the patient. I would not hesitate to recommend ETI to anyone requiring their services."
- Katherine E Parkinson, M.D.

"I have had only positive experiences with ETI. The staff have all been courteous, kind helpful and accommodating. More than once, the staff have gone out of their way to visit me at home. This company has made many efforts with scheduling me when it was convenient for me. I would definitely recommend ETI to anyone with wound care issues."

- S.R.

"I tore my left Achilles tendon and was operated on for left Achilles tendon reconstruction surgery. The surgery was successful; stitches were removed two weeks later. I continued to wear a "boot" to help immobilize my left foot and ankle but was cleared to shower. The third morning after the stitches were removed I decided to shower and to my horror discovered much of the incision area had opened up exposing the tendon.

My surgeon referred me to a wound specialist at a nearby facility and I was fitted with a vacuum device to expedite healing. After that I was seen by 2 other wound specialists in an effort to arrive at a course of effective treatment.

Wearing the vacuum day and night, I developed a pressures sore. My inability to heal was blamed upon the fact that I am a Type II Diabetic.

The surgeon began to suggest the tendon was dead or dying and that surgery should be performed to remove the implanted tendon. I would be left with no tendon and no control of my foot. I was informed that if this new surgical incision didn't heal within thirty days I would face amputation. A date for surgery was established.

A friend had heard of ETI and suggested I call them. I was reluctant, I had already been seen by three wound specialists who had no confidence my body could heal itself.

My friend made an appointment to see Greg at ETI. It was late on a Friday but Greg agreed to see me. Greg told me that my tendon was not dead, amputation is not an option and if I would take his advice regarding my overall well being, we would be successful. He advised I could walk without a walker and I could continue to work. I remember telling Greg he gave me my life back! It took a long time and my wound finally healed, Thank the good Lord, my angels and of course Greg Eck and his considerable Skills!"

- T.D.
"My primary physician referred me to ETI Wound Healing Center for an open wound on my big toe on the right foot. My feet had hurt for many years because of skin problems and I had been treated by many MD's and podiatrists over the years without help. One podiatrist diagnosed it as extreme athletes foot and excema. I had been treated with many different creams and steroids that damaged the skin. At ETI I was told what to expect and how I could help myself with elevation, cleaning, support hose, and nutrition. Within a few days we could see improvement with the wound- the wound healed quickly. I was told how to care for my feet and how to take care of the damaged skin. Now I have hope that the damaged skin will be replaced with new skin. Greg Eck and his staff at ETI make it a very pleasant and caring center; making the patient feel important to them."
- V.A.